Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marrying Men of Another Race Makes Us Black Women Better Off?

This was a requested post. I don't have much to say on this topic.

An article was recently published on Naturrally Moi stating that us Black women suffer economically because we are not marrying outside of our race. Is it just me or is that the stupidest statement you've ever heard? 

We already have the good hair problem. We've been told we don't look exotic enough, whatever that means. We have the light skin vs. dark skin debates that always pops up out of thin air. Okay, maybe those debates are triggered by something. We are constantly reminded we have to work 10 times harder than any other person just to be half as accomplished as everyone else. Now we have to marry men in other races in order to live a good lifestyle? 

You mean to tell me that in order to get my white picket fence (I don't want that), 2 story dream home, and some cute children I need to marry a white, Hispanic, Asian, and any other man of a different race other than my own. I can't do that with a Black man? 

The article doesn't totally go against Black men. It does state that some Black men do have college degrees, but it also reminds us we want men as accomplished as us and more of us Black women have degrees than the men we want to marry. It digs a little deeper to say that some of us Black women who do want to get married end up with men less accomplished and making less money than us. Well, damn. That one was a low blow. 

Now, I know the options for my future. What do you think? Would you start dating white men just because an article tells you Black men will have you living in poverty forever? 

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