Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#BeingMaryJane The Topic Of Skin Color & Attitude

This second season of Being Mary Jane is all over the place. From older women trying to have children to an inconsistent sex life as a single woman to being the Black woman in the work environment that everyone else is judging, a lot of real life topics are once again being brought to light in the art of this show.

The latest episode (#9 of season 2) was all about the "ugliness" of the Black woman. On one hand there was the question of a Black woman's looks and on then there was the attitude problem a Black woman can have.
Mary Jane may have had an attitude, but it was because everyone else refused to see her vision. Her family wasn't watching her show. Actually her family only came to her when they were in major need of something, which was eating as her subconscious. Her Hispanic producer wasn't feeling her story ideas or even her decision to focus only on stories that effect people that look like her. The big Boss over the television station, who happened to be white, was thinking there had to be something wrong with Black women to care so much about looks or even disagree with other people.

As far as looks go, Mary Jane had to deal with being called an ugly Black monkey by a random man in a parking lot. During a segment of her show she spoke with several well known people that included Michaela Angela Davis, India Arie, and Mark Anthony Neal about the image of Black women. A huge part of the discussion was how we as Black women always gather to uplift each other, but we are alone. Outside of us, we appear to be invisible. This invisibleness extends to how Black men treat us. It is a general statement.

Being Mary Jane touched on real issues affecting Black women in this particular episode. The show even went as far as to show how the Black woman will shed the tears of hurt but not let anyone know. I have so many moments where I've sat in silence and just cried. It is what it is.

I haven't liked every episode of this season, but this was a good one.