Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Don't Do Empty Restaurants

My days off are used for getting out of the house most of the time. This means when I'm deep in the midst of working, I'm planning my activities for the days an alarm clock doesn't get set. Living in this big gigantic city often means there's always somewhere new to go, even if it's not exactly where the inner creative is craving to be. 

The inner creative is craving art exhibits, tons of poetry nights, a sexy man to stimulate my mind, and girls night out every once in a while. Until then, I'm doing what's easy to accomplish once the bills are paid. After paying bills, options of what I can spend my money on become slim. I used to club a lot, but that had to come to a halt as some of my bills increased. 

Clubbing is expensive after you make it a regular part of your routine. For me it was also slightly dangerous, because once I ran out of people to go with I started going by myself. Why wait for others to have fun? Since I stopped clubbing, I found something new to make a habit and it wouldn't leave me feeling guilty about how much money I was spending. That is going to restaurants. 

There are restaurants that open super early and close super early. There are some that open in the afternoon and close by 10 or 11 pm. There are also some that stay open until 2 am and I wish I would have never found out about them. It's so tempting to get up at midnight and eat out just because there is a place nearby that is open. Some of these restaurants are expensive and don't fit nicely into my budget. However, some are perfect for eating at. Whether they are the best or not, I enjoy going and getting in that new experience. 

Recently I was checking my emails and saw an advertisements for a drink that I should probably have friends with while drinking. I couldn't wait until I had an off day to run and try that drink. Although the advertisement was for a Sunday, I figured Saturday should be just as good. 

As I arrived to the restaurant there was something very noticeable in the parking lot. That is very few cars were around. I walked inside anyway and the place was empty, which the exception of the bartender and the owner. For a Saturday around 6 pm they were very comfortable without working. I wanted to immediately walk out, but I asked a few questions anyway. They had the drink, but in order to get it in the pretty glass like the flyer was showing, I had to come back on a Sunday. I don't know if I'll be going back there though. 

They seriously had no customers on a Saturday. I don't do empty restaurants.