Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Be Afraid

Yesterday I was having a conversation with two men. At some point in the conversation I started talking about my goals after college. I mentioned getting a job, making money, and then I said marriage. One of the males asked me who I planned to marry and I asked him if he was interested in marrying me. I was just joking and he (while laughing)pretended like he didn't know English anymore.

He then told me he was just playing, but he said he really was not ready for marriage. Then the subject changed a little. He had some free items he'd just gotten from the radio station on our campus. He did not want this free shirt so I took it and said I'd sleep in it. He then asked me if I was going to think about him while in the t-shirt. I told him no because he was not ready for me.

Although our conversation was full of jokes there are women out there who have that special person in mind. Plus, Valentines Day is coming up.

So, if you have a special man but you do not have a title to your relationship, get him alone in a room with you and play this song.

Don't Be by Tamika and Latocha Scott

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