Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Aint A Man's World--Video Blog #2

A few days ago (Thursday) after I finished my workday with TV20, one of the television station workers talked to me (and the other students) about our work ethic. He said that we are all good, but as women we need to work harder. On my work day there are only women. He reminded us that once we leave we will be walking into a male dominated world.

This made me think. Then I decided to look up the statistics of women working in journalism. Now I want to go into entertainment journalism (which is a harder field to break into), so the statistics were very important to me.

I also met a girl last Friday. Her name is Ashli Doss and she is a first year broadcast journalism student. She kept running into problems (they're unavoidable at my school), but she was determined to get her work done. In the video I'm about to see, you will be able to see her determination and the 2009 statistics of women in journalism.

Hope you enjoy...

It Aint A Man's World--2nd Video Blog

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