Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Searching For Originality: TLC

The biggest problem with originality is either it's all been done or every one's wearing it. If I go to Forever 21 there are going to be at least 20 girls wearing the same outfit as me the other day.

Therefore anytime I look to the past for inspiration on how to stand out, I look for those women who turned the clothes everyone was wearing into their own unique style. One inspiration of mines is TLC.

One day I'm going to pull off the burgundy hair and make it my own style.


  1. When it comes to originality in clothing, my opinion is as follows:
    1) know your body type and what shapes look good on it
    2) know what colors you like and look good on you
    3) look for things that fit both of those categories that you don't find in the "popular" stores i.e. stay away from the mall and the big department stores (Kohl's, Dillard's, Macy's) unless you're looking for something specific that you don't mind Every1 else having.

    Places to shop: smaller stores like boutiques, local designers.

    A word about local designers: If you're still in Tally, there are designers but you have to look. Some may just be starting out (like one of my high school seniors who is planning on coming to FAMU next year).

  2. Thank you. I'm definitely keeping your advice in mind. I'm really a bad shopper. I go to stores and buy pieces that I like instead of whole outfits. Then once I get home I realize I have to figure out how to match them.

    On this particular post I was talking about the red hair. I actually did that one time and liked it. However, I haven't been able to do it lately because I'm a journalism student and have to fit "European" type of look.

  3. You know, Trice...(and of course this is my expertise, lol), the problem comes when people decide to throw out all semblances of originality in order to fit the "norm". In recent months as I've studied up more on fashion and such, I've reaffirmed my belief that fashion is meant to be an extension of oneself. If you want to rock red hair, do it because that's you. If you want to wear hibiscus print muu-muu's then do it! If that's you. My point is that as a designer, I see people get so wrapped up in trying to dress with the style when in reality, there is no style! Especially in this day and age...we've borrowed from so many different cultures, lifestyles, and decades that what's stylish is essentially what's YOU. I actually read an interesting article about this and can forward it to you if you'd like.
    As far as you having to look "European"...I was worried about this when I took my new job and how that would effect how I can wear my hair (cause I wear it natural)...I haven't really encountered any adversity (and I'm in a "corporate" environment). I suppose it depends on what type of journalism you're leaning towards, but in creative fields (journalism included, I think), you may actually be able to get away with it.

  4. Everything you said is true. I would like to read that article and I'm waiting on that fashion line with your name on it to come out soon.