Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Valentine Affair

Last week I used the movie "Sprung" as an example to my finding a date. Now since Valentines is coming up I'm using it for my example. I started yesterday with a status change on my facebook profile. It went like this...

"Good Morning Peeps, it's the month of Love and celebration of Black history...Oh yeah, I want a Valentine this year. The application process starts now. Men apply only."

People utilize facebook for a lot of reasons, so I thought it would be a good idea. Three people did click the like button on the status. Since those people liked it I thought it would be a good idea to put up another one today. I even added a little bit to it. Here it goes...

"It's the month of Love and celebration of Black History. Plus I'm single and because I'm love my black men (got the shirt to prove it) I'm accepting applications. I'm might even treat you so apply, lol."

I did get feedback on the status, but one person decided to personally (as in use chat) write me. I don't know if he read my status or not, but he was definitely trying to flirt with me. However, I didn't like his approach.

He started off calling me bae and then wanted me to come to his house. I didn't even know him so I don't know why he'd think I'd want to come to his house. I then politely told him I did not know him and he wrote something back. What he wrote back made it sound like I'd hurt his feelings. I can't think of his exact words now, but just imagine what a man on the street would say right after you reject him.

After that our conversation was pretty much over, but it did make me realize one thing. While I'm soliciting a date, I can't settle for anyone. He's has to be perfect or something close to it.


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  2. whoa to the convo
    lol to the pic :-p
    but yea def cant settle.