Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Joined Because...

I joined facebook because all of my friends were on it at the time. After I joined I started requesting anyone and everyone because I wanted to have lots of friends. Other than friends I enjoyed posting pictures of myself on there. I did this because I thought it was cool for people to see my every style and to show the world how much fun my friends and I were having. Then I started updating statuses and putting notes on facebook. I did this to see if other people thought the same as me.

I joined myspace because I had family members on there. The majority of these family members were people who I did not live near so it was nice to have something that connected me to them. I added some photos to myspace just so they could know what I looked like. I also added friends on there for reasons of having more people to connect to. However, because of all of the self promotion and business promotion going on it was hard for me to really connect with anyone on myspace.

I created a twitter account just because everyone else was doing it and I wanted to see what I was missing out on. Unlike facebok and myspace, twitter has smaller word limits and you cannot add photos. This means I'm not getting the satisfaction out of it.

Now notice with each website I named there was no mention of self promotion. Years ago when I created my first account on a social networking site it was about fun; friends having fun by posting pictures and having conversations, people meeting new "friends," and people just hopping on the computer to get away from stress.

However, now when I log onto a social networking site I'm bombarded by advertisers ( I don't want to hear about your business when I'm looking at my friends pictures), church groups (I don't want to go on a fun site and be reminded that I'm a sinner), and and people's political opinions. Plus, I was told that the things I post now can effect what future job employers think about me. What ever happened to living in the moment?

I joined social networking sites to have fun on the internet. There are still moments where I network with people who have the same interests as me. We share our poetry, our pictures, our love of music, and even our facebook friends. However the majority of the time when I log on now I feel like I am being forced to limit my thoughts because someone else might not like them, I have to network with people who have a business mindset, and I have to think about the kinds of pictures I put up before I add them. Now can someone inform me what happened to the social networking I fell in love with?

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