Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old School Heaven + MoNique

equals an even better night.

Earlier tonight the BET honors came on. Many singers utilized their talent to the best of their abilities as they sang classic songs. The whole show was great, especially when Whitney Houston was honored. It was so good that as the show went off I still had songs by Whitney Houston and the voice of Trey Songz floating in my head.

Then the Monique Show came on and it got better. The guests on her show was SWV. SWV has not sang together since the 90's, but tonight they talked about how they were reuniting. Then they performed.

The first song they performed was "If Only You Knew." This song was originally done by Patti Labelle and then redone by Keke Wyatt. Tonight was my first time hearing SWV sing it, but it was still beautiful.

Then at the end of the show they sang their hit song "Weak." That song is still stuck in my head at this moment so I must share it with you now.

Weak by SWV

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