Friday, September 24, 2010

99 Days Left~ Star Status Goals For The New Year

In 2009 everyone said that 2010 would be their year. Well, to an extent it has been my year. I did graduate and I've been able to expose my creative writing to more people. I have facebook friends I've never met that think they are my friends for life. Plus, my real friends have become more recognizable. However, all of my goals for 2010 weren't accomplished and although there are still a couple of months left I'm getting tired of the change 2010 was supposed to bring. I'm ready for 2011.

 However, I don't want to wait until 2011 to make changes for the year. Instead I'm working on some changes I can make at the moment to prepare me for 2011. I'm also trying to make sure these changes can be accomplished. Here are some  on my list.

1. Driving
On the side of my page I listed driving as a goal. Well, I've started the process of learning how to drive. I now have all the basics down and I've even been in the car by myself. I can almost hear some people saying "What took you so long." Well since I've started I now know that by 2011 I will have my drivers license and will be unstoppable.

2. Getting A Career
The goal for many college graduates is to get a job. However, I want more. I want a career. By 2011 I plan to either have my career or have how I'm going to start up my career planned out.

3. Working On Insecurities
Some of my setbacks come from insecurities. Professors have said negative things that are still stuck in my head. Supposed friends have said words that crushed my heart. I repaired my heart, but their words are unforgettable. Men hurt me deeper than I initially realized. I used to lack a lot of self esteem and sometimes I fall back into feeling the way I used to. I  have to work on it all. I have to build myself up to the strong person I know I am. By 2011 I want the world to see a more confident me.

More to come...

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