Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Damaged Man (Poem)

This is to all the men that have ever experienced pain because of some woman.

Damaged Man
By Miss Too Sexy

Damaged Man
From the moment I saw you I knew you were damaged.
 From the way you let the door slam in the woman’s face
to the way you requested two checks at the end of the dinner
and told her you refused to ever pay for a girl again.
You thought your private thoughts were hidden,
but I could hear your silent tears as you yearned
to forget the memories of the women who’d turned you into a monster.
They hurt you,
used you for your money,
kept the baby because while you saw new life they saw dollar signs,
called you names like a no-good nigga because you couldn’t offer them the world.
Instead all you could do was take them for a picnic in the park.
You wanted to do more
And you were striving towards fancy restaurants and upscale clubs
But those girls were impatient.
Damaged man,
 I see that you are damaged
because women have ripped you apart
although women are the ones that should have been lifting you up.

Confused Man
From the moment I saw you I knew you were confused
because you went out on a date with a woman who could clearly see your pain
and was trying to ease it a little.
I knew you were confused because you made it your last date with her
 just because she decided to pay,
asked you for no money.
All she wanted was your company
because she could still see the genuine guy that other women had tried to take away,
 but when you pushed her away the genuine guy she thought was there disappeared.
You dissed her because she wanted to pay
and you dissed other women
because they wanted to pick you up in their cars,
 buy you new clothes,
call you and spend time with you.
They thought you were mean,
but really you were just confused.
You were broken down by girls who were only after you for your money
And you never knew that sometimes you should let girls provide for you.

Broken man,
Let me hold your hand
Broken man,
Let your healing process began
Because although you turned into a monster
There’s a woman like me waiting to see the gentleman again
And although seeing this may confuse you
Trust me
 Women have issues too
So broken man
Allow yourself to heal
Because women miss the hugs men give just to show they care
And women miss how men are quick to take them out on dates
Just because they think the women are beautiful
And women miss how men are quick to call
Or send a text just to check up on them
Women miss waiting by the phone
And women miss the bubbly feeling in the pit of their stomach that they get just from seeing you
So broken man
Let your healing process began
So you can become whole again

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