Friday, September 10, 2010

My First Time (Short Story)

                                                               My First Time
                                            Short Story By Miss Too Sexy (AKA Me)
Copyright 2010

The plan was finally made. In approximately five minutes he would show up. The door would be left unlocked. He’d walk in and take off his shoes and shirt at the door. He’d then proceed to walk up the stairs and into the game room. In the game room there’d be a porno playing to symbolize what he was in for. He’d watch a little of the porno and then proceed to walk towards my room. Once he reached my room he’d find me in a matching set of red bra and panties. I would be standing at the edge of the bed and do a sexy spin as he watched. Then the rest would be history. At least that’s how I planned out my first time with him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- His name was Tyrell and since the moment I decided to send him a message on twitter I knew I was going to let him get it. I didn't care about dinner dates, movies, walks in the park, meeting family, or even getting married and having kids. I just wanted to know how he was in bed. Well, I’m lying. A few of those things did cross my mind, but I knew his motives and I was willing to go along with the flow. 

I wasn't always willing to go with the flow. There was a time where I had high standards and no men. However, after so many lonely years I started letting my guard down. I settled for less than what I deserved, but only if the guy looked a certain way. Tyrell was one of the guys who hit my good looks standard. He was yellow boned, tall and slim with a nice six pack. He had a tattoo of a maze on his back. According to him it symbolized the fact that he was a hard person to figure out. I thought it was the sexiest thing a man could ever put on his body. He also had a tattoo of a naked woman on his right arm. He said it symbolized his love for women, but I thought it just symbolized that fact that he was a man-whore. 
However, tonight it was on my mind more than his. I’d planned this night carefully because I couldn't do anything while my parents were around. At 25 I was still planning how I would move out, but until then my needs were going to get satisfied. So for the weekend my parents were gone and I just knew he would be eager and show up even earlier than planned. Instead he was late. 

He was supposed to show up five minutes after nine. I would know of his entrance because of the noise from the alarm, but I heard nothing. Twenty minutes after nine my phone did ring. I thought it was him, so I answered without looking at the name of the person. Instead it was some girl who always seemed to think I was the advice hotline. I quickly rushed her off the phone just in case he showed up. I wanted to be ready. However, after waiting a little longer I started to get impatient. I couldn't continue to stay in my room so I threw on a jacket and went to lock the door and turn the video off. However, as soon as I got to the stairs I heard the door.
It was him showing up at ten, an hour late. I decided to play it off and sit at the top of the stairs. As I watched him I realized he wasn't taking anything off. Instead he was standing at the door talking to someone.
“I’m good,” I heard him say. “ How are you two doing?”
“We are great,” I heard my dad say. It took me a few seconds to rationalize what was happening. My parents were supposed to be out of town for two more days. As soon as I recognized the voice I ran towards the television. I had to stop the movie. I managed to stop it in time to hear my dad ask another question. “What are you doing here so late at night?”
“Your daughter invited me over,” Tyrell said. “We were going to enjoy a night of movies. I was already here and came back to get something out of my car.” I let out a sigh of relief. His lie was good. The only problem was I was still undressed. I had to somehow bypass them, get back to my room, and at least throw on a dress. Unfortunately I didn’t make it.
As soon as the thought crossed my mind I saw my mom and Tyrell coming up the stairs. They both looked happy until she saw what I was wearing. The jacket was covering my bra, but not my panties.
“Hey mom,” I said with embarrassment written all over my face. “How was your vacation?”
She responded by asking, “What are you wearing?”
“I was in the midst of changing clothes,” I lied knowing she didn't believe me. I could see it written all over her face. “Okay, we were going to have a good time tonight. Can he at least come in the room with me while I put some clothes on? We’ll be real quick.” Right after the last sentence slipped out of my mouth I wished I wouldn't have said it. It sounded too much like I was going to get in a quickie with my parents in the house. However, it went over my mom’s head.
“I promise I’ll be good,” Tyrell told my mom. That’s when the craziest thing happened. She agreed to leave us alone and went back down the stairs. I practically ran while grabbing Tyrell as I rushed to my room. I wanted to make it in before either of my parents realized what they were doing. As I closed the door and locked it Tyrell let out a sigh of relief.
“WOW, your parents really are cool,” he said. “I was sure your dad was going to cuss me out, but instead he was nice.”
“Yeah,” I responded while trying to think of a way to change the subject. “Come here,” I said while directing him to sit on the bed next to me. “Why were you late?”
“Umm,” he said
Before he could come up with an answer I leaned toward him and licked the tip of his left ear and then whispered, “You kept me waiting. I didn’t think you wanted any of this.” I then slid my hand under his shirt and then towards his pants. I could feel his breathing getting quicker and I liked it.
“Hold up,” he said. “What about your parents?” I gave him a look that said ‘what about them.’ The possibility of them coming back upstairs did make me nervous, but it also turned me on more. It was much better and riskier than the original plan. He then removed his clothes until all he had on were some white Calvin Klein boxers. As he sat back on the bed I straddled him, perfectly wrapping my legs around his waist and positioning my arms around his neck. My sitting position was a little uncomfortable so I scooted myself up causing him to moan in pleasure. When I realized the effect I started grinding on him. He moaned some more so I started kissing him to smother the noise. I could feel his body heat rising and mines was rising too.
He then picked me up and turned so he could lay me on the bed. At that moment I knew it was on. I was on my back and he was climbing on top of me. There was absolutely no stopping us. He started kissing me again. I could feel his hardness through his underwear. The four play was almost too much for me. I was ready to tell him to go on and take the boxers off so I could remove my panties. However, I was patient.
His lips left mines as he started kissing lower. He planted kisses on my right cheek, then my neck, and then he worked his way down to my breasts. He moved my bra straps off of my arms to help him get easier access. Then he started on the right one. I thought he was going to suck on it, but instead he planted kisses. It felt a thousand times better. Once he finished with it he switched to the left one and did the same thing. It was then that I was tired of playing games. I was ready to go all the way with him, but my parents weren’t ready for it to happen.
“Trace,” I started to hear my dad continuously call my nickname. I tried to answer back, but I was in shock. I felt like I had been caught in an embarrassing situation without even being seen. Tyrell was shocked too because he had stopped.
“Get dressed,” I said as I heard my dad’s footsteps coming down the hallway. “Yes,” I yelled trying to throw something on and not sound nervous. I slid some pants and a shirt on just in time to hear the doorknob turning. It wasn’t going to open since I had locked it, so I looked to make sure Tyrell was dressed.
“Yes,” I said as I opened the door. My dad walked in further as if he was looking for something. However, the only evidence that something was going on was my hair. The curls that were originally in it had fallen. That was enough for my dad because he proceeded to kick Tyrell out. He wasn’t even nice about it.
“Get out,” my father said in an angry voice. “It’s time you leave and don’t come back.”
Tyrell looked as if he wanted to say something, but instead he stood up and walked out. It hurt to watch, but there was nothing I could do. My dad then left the room and closed the door behind him. I sent a text to Tyrell letting him know I’d call him later. However, he didn’t respond.
He was the first man I’d talked to since my college days. He was the first that I’d decided to let my parents meet. He was the first I was brave enough to bring home. He was the first since I’d move back home that I was ready to give a part of myself too. He was also the first that helped me to figure out the fact that when planning these kinds of nights I’d have to be clever.

To Be Continued    

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  1. I love it. Funny how the mom came up stairs and saw the girl in her panties. then the dad kickin the dude out had me LOL. its like what did you expect? looking forward to part two