Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I Won't Do Before The Title

Since the day I hit adulthood I've gotten many requests from men. Some of these were just curious men and some were men I was interested in. All of the requests were interesting. They varied from dealing with fetishes to watching certain types of movies and I was intrigued. However, some of those requests were denied because they were too much to do without the title.

There really are certain things a girl should not do without having the official title. Here are some requests that I think are worthy of ignoring.

*Picture Messages
If a girl is not the girlfriend or wife she should not send any kind of pictures to a man (unless  it's her face or her feet).

*Giving Nicknames
Nicknames are personal. Girlfriend/Wife titles are personal too. If there are no titles then there shouldn't be nicknames.

*Watching Porn Movies
Porno is a no-no unless you are already in a relationship. I've actually broken this rule. It's a fun memory to  have, but it's better with someone you love.

A girl should not give into a man's fetishes unless he is claiming her as his girlfriend/wife. Seriously fetishes can go from touching feet to licking forbidden places, so a title is needed.

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