Monday, September 20, 2010

Momma Can I Talk To You? (Poem)

Yesterday I wanted to write something and this came to mind...
Momma, Can I Talk To You
By Miss Too Sexy

Momma can I talk to you
Been a long time since I did this
and now my mind’s overflowing with shit.
Don’t even know if I can express myself anymore
But momma can I try
And if I tell you what’s really on my mind
Will you listen?
I’ve gone through a lot
And to you it may only be a little
 But what you don’t understand is the past is screaming at me
Saying “You can’t escape me”
And the future is coming too fast for me to prepare
 I’m not ready to face all the bullshit that continues to resurface after I’ve buried it
Looking for jobs and all I can hear is former professor’s saying
“You’re not good enough”
Thinking about dating
But all the future niggas resemble the lame ass niggas from the past
And friends
My friends are all far away now
Can only reach them by phone or computer
And it’s leaving me feeling lonely
A deep loneliness that my words won’t justify
Plus one morning I woke up and realized this is the real world
The years of hanging out with friends every weekend and club hopping are over
I can no longer stress about getting up for two hour classes
Instead it’s getting up for a job or potential job
Cause I’m not where I want to be
And it’s taking a lot of thought just to figure out how to climb the latter of success
So much thought my head is hurting
Never knew what a migraine felt like until now
See momma I got all this and more on my mind
But I don’t know how to express it
And I’m running out of people to talk to
Running out of  people who’ll understand me
And you’re my last resort
Plus, I’m not sure how to reach out to you
Cause it’s been a long time 

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