Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sometimes I Just Want The Sex

This contradicts some of my past posts, but sometimes I'm cool with just settling for sex. However, the problem is if that is possible to do.

Since I first started this journey into meeting men, dating, and getting into relationships I've encountered a lot of male ho's. I've also encountered a lot of confused males. I've encountered males who were sure of the types of women they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. I was sure I fit the description, but they didn't think so. I've encountered males of all personalities and they are all  comfortable with the way they think. This is especially to the male ho's.

They are comfortable being themselves. They are comfortable going after every pretty female. They can have sex with friends and even sisters and be totally comfortable. In fact afterwards they still think they have the same friendship with those girls as before. Plus they have no shame when it comes to their actions. They don't feel any regrets when they take a girl's virginity and then abandon the girl. They actually make competitions to see if they can get certain girls. They have sex and move on with their lives. Sometimes I wish I could be like them.

Ever since I was old enough to understand things I've been obsessed with the word love. I've loved the fairy tales. I've dreamed of meeting prince charming, but reality has made me realize that it's hard. It's just about impossible. So sometimes I want to settle for less than prince charming. Sometimes I'm willing to take the physical attraction over everything else. Sometimes I'm willing to just have sex. However, is it even possible for a girl to live that kind of life?

Every time I turn around I'm hearing the word love. I'm thinking about it. I'm dreaming about it. Then I wake up and realize that's what's expected from women. As a woman I'm supposed to stress about looking pretty for a man. I'm supposed to stress about being a man's type. I'm supposed to care what men think about me. Most of all I'm supposed to expect some man to eventually want to call me his wife. They are all the expectations for women, but the majority of men I come across aren't thinking about that.

First these men think of physical attraction. This physical attraction basically means first they see prettiness and then they think sex. They're not thinking of getting to know a woman. The woman is thinking about getting to know them. Some men don't even want to get to know any of the women they meet. They only have one track mindsets. So, if they have one-track mindsets shouldn't my mindset be allowed to be one-track too?

I can see how difficult this would be for any woman though. We've been programmed for marriage all of our lives. That's hard to erase. I would like to know if any woman can achieve just having sex. I'm not talking about Kat Stacks or Karrine Steffans either. I'm also not talking about a rich man's daughter who wants to be a porn star. I'm want to hear about the regular girl from the regular family giving up the wedding day dream and pursuing sex like the men do.

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