Thursday, September 9, 2010

Letting The Music Express Me

Ever since my first days of being able to turn on the radio and listen to songs I've noticed that male singers and rappers were (and still are hyper-sexed). I was cool with it. I loved listening to "Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd and I loved listening to all songs by the Hot Boys. I used to try to back my thang up. I knew Mario's song "Braid My Hair" had an underlying sexual tone and I love the way Trey Songz doesn't even try to hide his love for sex in his songs.

However, when I think about female artists I get a different vibe. As far back as I can think women singers have been expressing their love for men, trying to get other women's men, and trying to get other women to back away from their men. It's been a whole lot of promiscuity. Now women singers are changing their lyrics. They're focusing more on the wrongs of the man. You have Fantasia singing "Bittersweet", which is my favorite song as of this moment, and you have Jazmine Sullivan singing her latest song "Holding You Down." Both of these are about men that have broken their hearts. They are not the only one though. Yesterday I watched 106 and Park and realized all of the women on the countdown were singing heartbreak songs.

These are just songs, right?

WRONG... I've grown to realize these songs express how my age group is. The men are raunchy. 99% of the time they have sex on their mind. Their minds may wander to other things but it always starts off with sex. In fact recently I had one guy tell me he met his girlfriend at a party one night and slept with her that same night. This same guy is having trouble with his girlfriend now and he doesn't know why. It's because it started off wrong and it was never made right. Now the woman is doing exactly what the songs on BET are expressing. She's probably feeling bittersweet because of her bad decisions or she's taking some time out just so she can end up going in circles again because she hasn't quite learned. I can't be mad at her though. I feel the same way she does.

I'm angry over my past experiences by men. I'm also desperate to not repeat my mistakes, but I don't know how to stop making those mistakes. At the moment I'll just let the music express how I feel feel.

"I feel so stupid foolish loving you all this way, but what can I say. I want to go but I keep coming back."

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