Friday, September 17, 2010

Anyone Can Reach Star Status, The 50 Tyson Story

In the spring of 2009 a a teenager living in Minnesota decided to upload videos of himself free-styling. Some of his videos were done  in his bathroom facing a mirror while others were done in his bedroom. Now over a year later his videos have received more than a million views.

This man is known as 50 Tyson. From his lyrics it is clear that he once had dreams of being a ball player and a rapper. He can now say to the world that he is an official rapper. He hasn't put out any youtube videos lately, but millions of people are still viewing his videos. He also has millions of people copying his style. Some are doing it because he's inspired them. Others are imitating the fact that he actually sucks at freestyle rapping.

However, whether he's good at what he's doing or not doesn't matter. 50 Tyson has made it to star status. He's the most popular person at his highschool, he's signing autographs everywhere he goes, he's making new friends and enemies all the time, and although he still lives in the hood he has his own documentary out.  50 Tyson is a star.

I hope he uses his star status well while it lasts.

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