Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dealing With A Man Is Like Taking The TAKS Test (Designed To Fail)

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Actually I wanted to put the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)  in the title, but everyone knows all of the standards tests in the country started with the TAKS (Texas Assessment Of Knowledge And Skills). The TAKS test is a hard ass test that everyone in Texas has take once they hit the third grade. Back in the day when I was in school it was only required for high school students. However, now every couple of years students have to take a new version of it in order to get to the next level of education. There are several tests similar to it around the country. It's tough, but it must be done. However, it seems as if the better students get at the tests the harder the tests get. It's almost as if the test are designed to fail you. Dealing with men is similar to taking that damn TAKS test. 
Recently I learned that men come up with tests to see if a woman is perfect. Well, women have these tests too. We call them games and they are reasonable. Our games are designed to see if a man really likes us and how far a man will go to please us. Everyone knows that some men are only after sex, so we have to be sure that a man is after our mind. However, men play different games and a lot of the time their games don't even make sense. 

For example recently I called this guy. After answering the phone he told me he knew I was going to call. It through me off, because picking up the phone at that moment was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I asked him how he knew and he said he was testing me. According to his test I was supposed to call within a day or two of hearing from him, but I actually took almost a week. This means I failed terribly. But I wasn't mad. I didn't know I was taking any kind of test and his way of expressing it was pretty lame. This wasn't the first time I'd heard this craziness though. 

A couple months ago another guy told me about how he used to set up  meeting places so his friends could see the girl he was interested in. While he walked away, his friend would flirt with the girl. If she responded back, it meant she wasn't the right one. It also meant she failed the test. Am I the only one that see how stupid that test is?

The similarity between the TAKS test and the tests men make up are they are both hard to pass. Actually, the TAKS test is a lot easier to pass than the games men play. You can't put a time on when someone is supposed to call you. Hell, he could have picked up the phone and called. Then with the other test you can't expect a girl to not flirt with someone else if you just met her.

The tests men set up are made to fail. They could be because men make them so hard. They could also be because men don't show any hints that they are trying to get a woman's attention. As women we throw ourselves at men in order to get their attention. Men, on the other hand, want us to read their minds. 

The biggest reason I think these tests are designed to fail is because these men don't really want relationships. They come up with test after test until we finally fall on our faces, because we couldn't hang. Then they proudly dump us and claim they will find better. In actuality we are good enough, but those men just don't want to be committed. Commitment scares the hell out of them, but they're not going to admit it. Instead they will find some way to make us feel inadequate, so they can hind their feelings. 

I passed the TAKS test, graduated high school, and somehow made it through college. However, the tests coming from these men are too much. I have trouble coming up with games to help them get to my heart, so I don't want to be stuck playing their idiotic games. That means just let me know that I failed instead of putting me through the stupid test.

Women, what kind of tests have men put you through? Have you ever passed? Men, what kind of tests to you and your friends come up with?

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