Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Foreplay (2011 Poem)

2011 Poem by Lashuntrice TheWriter
T. Denisa Photography

I want you to kiss me
Don’t just touch my lips
Get all up in me
Pretend my mouth is my soul
Then stick your tongue in me
I can feel your hands reaching for my belt

Unbuckling it, sliding your hands down in my pants
Caressing my kitty cat
Here, let me help you
While my other hand moves from your chest, hard abs
To your arms, strong muscles
Touch your face, soft skin
No playing around
I want to explode with pleasure while you’re on top of me
Or on the side of me
Maybe staring up at me
Definitely before you finish
But first tease me
Make me feel special before you please me
Nibble on my ear
Suck on my breasts
Give them attention they deserve
Try to take me to ectasy before clothes come fully off
Dry hump like elementary school kids
Whisper in each other’s ear promises of how we’ll make each other feel
I’ll have you sleeping you sleeping like a baby
You’ll have to help me walk by the end
And I know you’re thinking what’s in it for you
But boo if you’re ready for action
If you’re in the mood
Follow my rules
And I promise you’ll get yours too

(Originally I was going to write a song for a friend. However, a poem formed instead. Hope you enjoyed it.)

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