Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fashion News Flash: Gabi Gregg Is A Brave Woman

With summer quickly approaching (already here in some states) many women are rushing to  lose weight and fit into their itty bitty bikinis. Some celebrities have already made it to their ideal size and their bikini pictures have quickly spread across the web. However, not everyone is following this trim. Some women  like Gabi Gregg, owner of Young, Fat, And Fabulous, is saying women can look fabulous in bikinis no matter what size they are. 

In fact, Ms. Gregg recently posted photos of herself in a two piece bikini to prove her point. Check out the picture below. 
The above picture proves Gabi Gregg is a brave soul. Even as a skinny girl I'm very afraid to post any shots of me in bikinis online (mostly because of judging eyes). Actually brave isn't a good enough word. She's a fashionista because her whole look is cute. Not many can say that they look stylish while swimming. 

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