Thursday, May 19, 2011

Intellectual Question: To Start Sleeping Or Continue My Late Night Addiction?

‎"Writing every day is not about publishing. It’s about discipline. Writing every day is practice. It’s like working out. You’re getting your writer’s mind in shape."-- Aliya S. King

Everyone sets aside their time for creativity. Terry McMillan admits that when she was writing "Waiting To Exhale" she would wake up extra early in the morning. Some people, such as a best friend of mine, will stay up and get very little sleep in order to get what they want done. Others will find a moment to write as much as possible and program times for those posts to show up on their blogs. Most writers that I admire always say you should write every single day. However, anyone that doesn't understand the passion does not understand sleeping a little later (or missing a little sleep) just to write.

For example I've been sick for a few days. At first only the people in my house knew how I was feeling, but then my grandma found out. She immediately called me and blamed my sleeping habits. Granted, I've been a late night person for most of my life. In college I just really started using those late nights to either read or write. Now writing and posting blogs are my late night activities. Reading happens as soon as I get home from work and sometimes before I go into work. However, my grandma didn't care about that. She said if I continue my activities my body will give out on me.

So I say that to ask, if you were in my position would you drop your late night activities for sleep? Or would you continue those activities because the addiction brings too much joy to your life?

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