Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sex Advice: Getting Friendly With The Cuddle Monster

When I was little I was very friendly. I was quick to hug everyone and jump in everyone's lap. Wait, everyone that I knew and loved got all of that affection. However, one day I hit this stage where I did not want to be touched. No hugs, no kisses, no sitting on anyone's lap. Well, anyone could still receive a smile. I gradually started growing out of the stage when I hit high school. There was a guy I liked and I felt jealous when I saw him hug other girls. I wanted a hug and I got my hug. I must say he was probably the first person that helped me to get used to the "cuddle monster."

The cuddle monster reference comes from a guy I was talking to a couple of days ago. He told me about a girl he is seeing. As he talked about the girl he called her a cuddle monster. Apparently she originally told him she wanted to see him, but date others at the same time. Then she started wanting him to be spontaneous. She wanted late night phone calls almost every night, surprise visits, and lots of sex and cuddling. I thought it was funny at first, but then realized we all have a little cuddle monster in us.

Yes, we all have a little cuddle monster in us and we've all encountered the cuddle monster. The cuddle monster in me is a very selfish lover. My cuddle monster wants a man to think I'm the most beautiful woman and wants him to be all over me every time he sees me. However, the rational part of me wants a relationship based more on the friends w/ benefits deal. That way I can breathe easily, eat comfortably, sleep as good I already am, and not worry about him possibly cheating. So far my rational side has always won. However, the cuddle monster in me is not the problem. It's getting used to other cuddle monsters that's the problem.

Have you ever had someone wrap their arms around you and you felt totally comfortable? Yeah, me neither. Well, I've had moments where I felt comfortable in the beginning but then the realization made me uncomfortable. An example was this guy my junior year of college. I was at his house and it went from talking to me sitting on his lap. After about 30 seconds the realization started to hit me. I actually told him I was feeling uncomfortable and tried to move. However, he didn't let me. He was a cuddle monster. He told me I just had to get used to it and after about 30 more seconds I did. 30 seconds is a long time if you're timing yourself. I definitely got used to the cuddle monster because cuddling led to other stuff with him that shall not be mentioned.

The word cuddle monster may sound scary to you, but then again it might be funny to you also. However, If you meet a person like that you have to get used to them. A relationship won't work if you never want to touch, hug, kiss, or whatever else with a person. However, only get friendly with the cuddle monster if you know it could be long term.

(Disclaimer: Written by a girl who still encounters issues with cuddle monsters on occasion)

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