Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Rebound Guy (Poem)

After my (approximately one month) relationship ended I was confused and wanted some attention. That attention came in the form of two different men. I ended up having sex with one of the men while the other one continued to play games. I wanted to write a poem about the experience with the real rebound guy, but instead I wrote about the failed attempt. Enjoy!

 The Rebound Guy
Written 5/28/2011

He could’ve had me…
Fresh out of a relationship
Heart broken
Mind open
Body Calling For His Attention
Hoe notions flooding my brain
Not looking for a homie, lover, or friend
Just a minute to block the past out
Have no future thoughts
Enjoy the moment as it came
The rebound guy was his name
In my mind he and I came simultaneously
It was beautifully insane
Thoughts of our bodies together in the rain
Or at someone’s house
He bragged about his sex game
Supposedly he had moves he couldn’t even explain
Football, basketball
He had played every sport there is
But I just wanted sex in its purest form
Our bodies entangled under or maybe on top of some bed sheets
Or perhaps against the wall
Would it hurt to do it on the stairs?
Then again I’ve never tried sexual positions in the back of a car
Whether slow motion or rough sex
By the end we could taste each other’s sweat
He continued to bragged about his sex game
But instead was addicted to his picture phone
Dreams of half naked girls appearing only in his world
Or was I the only girl?
I was feigning for affection
Because I had lost my last obsession
But he claimed I wasn’t desperate enough
Afraid of possibly falling in love
Because supposedly he had it that good
But time kept ticking
And he still wanted to be teased
But my heart was healing
Or maybe I was just getting bored
Or maybe there was a distraction
He could’ve had me
But he took too long

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