Sunday, July 28, 2013

About Wanting It All (Sunday Reflections)

Over this past season of Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas we were able to see just what kind of people Remy and Rob Maadi are.

We learned that Remy is very attached to having all the material possessions in the world she wants and she also wants all the love that the world has to offer. Rob, on the other hand, is comfortable being a macho man who gets noticed. Sure Rob makes mistakes from time to time, but it doesn't make him a bad man and Remy recognizes that. While watching these two interact on the show was entertaining, I respect Remy even more after a comment she made on the Marriage Bootcamp reunion show.

"No I have not changed the whole spoiled brat thing."

"I'm a firm believer you can have it all, because there are people out there that have it all. So I want the great marriage, and I want my bling, and I want the great lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with that."

This came after the marriage counselors Jim and Elizabeth Caroll asked Remy if she has changed since Marriage Bootcamp. After all, she is bringing twins into the world. Her answer was quite possibly the most honest comment anyone has made in the history of reality television.

I feel Remy, because my way of thinking is the same. As a little girl, I was in awe at how fabulous women could be. I wanted to be one of those fabulous women that had the good husband, was doing whatever she wanted, and didn't let anything stop her. However, I grew up and discovered there are a lot of roadblocks. The beginning of those roadblocks are people trying to frighten you into the uncomfortable over-worked lifestyle filled with stress and no excitement.

I want excitement. I want entertainment. I want exploration. I want to be able to push my life forward instead of waking up a year from now in the same exact environment doing the same thing. I want be in awe of the beauty this world can put in front of me. Even more, I don't want anyone trying to convince me out of my thoughts. I want people to accept me for who I am instead of trying to change me. Plus, I want people to care. After all, I'm human. I bleed just like you. I shed tears just like you. I have dreams and get restless just like you.

I don't necessarily want the bling. In 26 years I've had my ears pierced twice and still don't wear earrings. The only ring I've been able to consistently wear is my high school class ring and I'm not sure where it is currently. Necklaces are cute when I don't break them out of nervousness. You get the point.

I'm not exactly materialistic, but I've grown to hate the word patience. It seems like the more patient I get, the longer it takes to make what I want happen. What am I waiting for? Death?

Saying I want it all is really very vague. I don't want everything in the world. I don't want to marry an Asian man. I don't want a dog, a cat, or any pet for that matter. I don't want the next woman's husband or boyfriend. I don't want to adopt any children. I don't want an unlimited supply of Mexican food. Nah, y'all can have that Mexican food.

However, when I do say I want to do something it's not a debatable topic.

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