Saturday, July 27, 2013

Remy And Rob (Marriage Bootcamp & Bridezillas)

Remy and Rob are the materialistic couple on Marriage Bootcamp Bridezillas. At the beginning of the bootcamp they were very self absorbed, but they wanted to get better. They wanted to work on their marriage.

Okay, Remy was very needy in the beginning. She was also dependent on Rob and dependent on her materialistic possessions. Rob, on the other hand, was the husband that wanted to give his wife the world. He also wanted to have some fun. By the last episode Rob showed just how much fun he wanted to have.

The last exercise involved the couples taking off their wedding rings and being single for the night. All of the men the opportunity as a night to get out and party. They made it to a nearby bar and got very drunk. Out of everyone, Rob may have been the drunkest of the bunch. He thought of it as having a bachelor party all over again. During his time out, he asked a woman to dance. She knew he'd be getting remarried the next day, but she flirted anyway and asked for a lap dance. Rob gave her the best lap dance I've seen from any man. He wasn't playing games. It was so good the woman gave him her phone number.

For real???

This woman knew Rob was married, but she gave him the digits. However, Rob had to face the consequences of his actions later on. He felt horrible, but one thing was clear. He loves Remy.

Remy loves Rob too. They love each other so much that they have twins together. Unfortunately I don't know if they are boys or girls. We have to find out by watching their new television show Remy and Rob, which is also on WeTV.

I watched a little of the first episode. Remy talked about having a gender revealing party and Rob complained. They really are meant for each other.

Pictures Via WeTV.

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