Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Reflections: So Much On My Mind

There is so much on my mind in this year of 2013. I wish I could purchase storage containers to sort it all out, but that's easier said than done. 
My World

I'm selfish. Years ago my biological father told me I was selfish. Now this is a man that has never tried to step in and help raise me at all. However, in order to keep in touch with that side of the family I used to have to have some kind of contact with him. How he got to the point of calling me selfish doesn't matter. The fact that the day he said it was the last time I talked to him doesn't matter. However, he was right. I am very selfish. 

I've been told no a lot in these 26 years. When giving advice people always say you will hear no a lot, but it's that first yes that counts. One day I took that first sign of opportunity and haven't stopped since. It's led to stress, cool experiences, smiles on my faces, and times I'd never take back. 

However, there is a lot on my mind. I keep thinking of all that I've done and none of it is enough. There is so much fun to have, so much money to make, and so much more experiencing life to do. But where do I start? How do I get to that point where I need to be? What more do I have to do to feel free? 

Do you see my problem? 

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