Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Cravings (Poem)

Yesterday I started a series of poems about wanting a baby, but the situations women go through because they don't think they can handle the responsibility of a child. The first poem was called Unprotected, but the second one goes a little more in-depth. This one is called Baby Cravings. Enjoy! 

Baby Cravings

The sex was sub-par
But I wasn’t trying to give him my heart
It was the baby that I wanted
Maybe a little girl
Or even a boy
Someone to share my love with
Buy clothes and food for
A child that would look up to me
And need me
I wouldn’t even react after getting puked on
Or having to change diapers
Or hearing my name called over and over again
I’d cook for it
And clean up after it
I’d be the provider
And the child wouldn’t reject me
18 years to life
I’d be a mom
I’d be happy to take the good
And deal with the bad
But then I look at my bank account
And can barely afford myself
What kind of mom would I be?
Barely paying bills
And barely affording food
Someone would suffer
And I wouldn’t want it to be the baby
So at 3 months I take the risk
Get the abortion
And shed a tear for the child that didn’t have a chance to exist

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