Monday, July 1, 2013

Did B.E.T. Discriminate Against B. Scott?

When you mix classy folks, hood rats, and Queens together something crazy is bound to happened. In B.E.T's case there may have been some discrimination going on before the awards show with popular male blogger B. Scott. 

According to B. Scott, upon arriving to the awards show where he was a red carpet host, he was told to change out of what he was wearing. This is odd, because he was the style stage correspondent. He was supposed to be stylish. However, rumor is he was told to change out of his heels and possibly change other things too. 

So far several people are saying B. Scott was discriminated against. He also jumped on his twitter page and vented about what happened. Do you think he was treated unfairly? 

I'm absolutely shocked. I loved the awards show, but we can't be doing this to each other. 

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