Monday, July 8, 2013

Unprotected (Poem)

I was thinking about a child recently. The thoughts went so deep that I even imagined having one and becoming a single mom. Realistically a child would not fit into my plans or budget right now. So what would I do if I took a risk? I wrote three different scenarios involving unprotected sex, getting an abortion, and giving up a child for adoption. I'd never actually go past the morning after pill, but the poems describe myself in those situations. Here's poem number one. 
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Could it be a girl or a boy?
Or just a figment of my imagination
Cause at this age I want to have a child
And any way is possible
It was a night filled with passion
What’s his name again?
That doesn’t even matter
He stroked my ego with his words
And proceeded to make my body feel right
Even though I should have been protecting my heart
I should have been protecting my body at the same time
His kisses felt so right
And I excused his hands all over me
So no condom was the only way to go
And since we were already raw
Our minds and body
All caution was thrown to the wind
I wanted him to cum in me
Wanted to make a beautiful creation
So I knew the risk
But now, a day later, I’m not ready
Not physically
I’m so shallow
Not financially
I can barely take care of myself
A month from now I might not even be pregnant
But can I take the risk?
I always wanted a little sister
A daughter would make up for it
But I’m not ready
So I come to my senses
And take the morning after pill
My mind stops running wild
At least for the moment in time

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