Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Once You Start Dating Rappers...You Don't Turn Back

Reality television star Shay Johnson has finally moved on from rapper Lil Scrappy. Now she's fallen in love with another man, also a rapper. This brings me to the conclusion that once you start dating rappers, there is no turning back.
Shay and Jody Breeze Via Rolling Out

Just think about it. We were introduced to Shay on Flavor of Love when she competed for Flavor Flav's love. At the time she was nicknamed Buckeey for her wild antics. Flavor Flav picked other women over Shay, but she didn't give up on finding love from a rapper. Oh, and money has never been an issue, because years later Shay would pop up as a good friend to another rapper lacking money.

That is Lil Scrappy and they appeared together friends on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Shay started with the friend titled and quickly became a side chick. She wanted Scrappy that bad. We can all tell his rap career is practically dead, which means just about all his money is coming from reality television now. That didn't stop Shay from getting in the middle of a messed up relationship and even help badmouth Scrappy's baby mama Erica Dixon. However, as we all saw on reality television, Shay and Scrappy didn't last. Then it was on to the next rapper.
Shay's new boo is rapper Jody Breeze, also a member of group Boyz N Da Hood. If you're trying to figure out who he is, don't stress. Jody Breeze has never been a main stream rapper. In fact he released one album in 2005 titled A Day In The Life of Jody Breeze, but it was not sold in stores.  Oh, but he's back with new music this year, including a song called Street Nigga. Interesting.

I hope her and her new boo work out, cause rappers have turned her out. Let this be a lesson for the rest of us women. If we start dating rappers, it's over for all other men.

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