Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Could He Be The One?

Last night I had an intense sexual dream about a guy from the past. He was someone I called a friend, but more happened between us. It wasn't too much more though. I was an innocent girl, but once our lips touched each other, our relationship was definitely deeper than just friends. However, it's been years since I've seen him in person, a couple of weeks since I heard his voice over the phone, and a few hours since I sent him a Facebook message. Yes, I told him about my dream.

It was important to express to him this deep sexual dream, but not for his sake. He didn't really need to know. In fact I could have told my best friend about the dream and still came to the same conclusion. He was the wrong one. And the guy after that. And the one that was after him. They've been the wrong ones, but I still keep contemplating what if I made a mistake. Or could he be the one?

See recently I invited a couple friends to help me celebrate moving. Two of them showed up, one a woman and one a man. The man was someone I went to college with a developed a good friendship with. He is just a just a friend and although we have fun together, there's not a lot that we have in common. In fact from my perspective getting him to really have fun requires a lot of work. However, that night he was ready to have lots of fun but my other friend wasn't. Since she had to work the next morning we settled for a restaurant and talking. She loved him and by the end of the night she had come to the conclusion that he is the one for me.

From her mouth to my ears... "You two would make a cute couple."

When asked why she thought he was absolutely the one, she said the common characteristics. He's a nice guy, tall, and our personalities are opposite. Apparently dating someone with a different type of personality than you is supposed to compliment who you are. With the tall part, she thought it was cute that he was tall and I was short. So for a second, well a few days I debated on whether he could be the one.

Could he be the man of my dreams but I'm just too blind to see?
Have I been guilty of friend zoning a potentially good lover?
Could this friend be right about her observation?

Then after having an intense sexual dream featuring another man, I'm reminded he's just a friend for a reason. And the other one was just a guy someone else thought could potentially be the one for me. And there were others that people thought could be great men for me.

So could he be the one? I'm tired of contemplating that question. In fact when I finally do meet the one I hope that question is nowhere near my mind. The only thoughts that need to be floating around in my head is "He's definitely my soulmate."

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