Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thinking About Him Again (Random Thought)

Sometimes loneliness is soothing. Some of those lonely times bring freedom that could not be created with a significant other around. Eating at any restaurant I choose, going to the movies at the spur of the moment, discovering more of what Lashuntrice loves to do, not having to settle for what he wants at the time or lose myself in his random thoughts. Other times loneliness is too loud. 

Yesterday I was eating at a restaurant I recently saw and liked. Because it was my day off and the middle of the week while everyone else was at work, no one was in the restaurant. So I sat down, ordered, and ate alone. During the time I wore my headphones and enjoyed music. Everything was good. The thoughts in my mind revolved around work, bills, new apartment living, and what fun to have in the upcoming days. Then a certain song decided to make it's way into my ear. 

"Dickmatize" by Khia
The song "Dickmatize" is about sex. I think the name says it all. After hearing this song I started to think of how much I missed having a man around to flirt with, hang out with, have long conversations about nothing with, and have sex with. I missed the smell of a man's cologne (well the cologne on the man that I like). It's really getting lonely out here and then there's another problem. I don't know how to meet a man. 

How do you go about meeting a man? Do you go to the club? I've tried that and they're just there to have fun. Do you go to a restaurant? I've noticed that even at the bars they just want to eat? Do you meet him at work? They're all married and much older than me. What do I do? 

I don't even know. All I do know is it would be nice to have a man around to call my boyfriend and do all he things that couples do. 

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