Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Apartment Experience, First Blog Post

One of the moments I've been waiting for has finally arrived. I have the keys to my first apartment. There is a mailbox with my apartment number on it. The furniture is there waiting for me to use it. My color choice is red and in the bedroom sits a queen sized bed. This has been a long time coming. Years of dreaming. A little over a year of saving up money. Months of searching for the perfect first apartment. It's here. Now for the not so nice parts.

My furniture is great. The location of the apartment is great. The overall apartment is not so great. Appliances need to be worked on. The counters and bathtub have to be what they call resurfaced. Two weeks ago they told me this would be done and two weeks later I'm still nagging them every chance I get for it to get done. A drawer in the bathroom is broken. That has to be fixed. It is obvious that the people who painted the apartment became lazy after a certain point. The microwave in the kitchen looks disgusting. The oven is not even plugged in. Little old me can't fix that problem. Work orders have been put in. I'm stressed. I have an apartment, but can't fully move in yet. I didn't sign a lease that said "As Is." 

Anyway, I saw this coming. Well, I didn't see the specific problems coming, but I knew there would be issues. Only dumb girls think everything will be perfect. So as I look at the problems, my mind is trying not to lose all sense of reality. Parts of reality is these people are giving me a hard time right from the beginning. Other parts is that this is the moment I've been waiting for all my life and I should be overjoyed. Yes, overjoyed. 

But I'm not overjoyed. I'm excited and scared at the same damn time. Should they be giving me a hard time on fixing issues? Did I move too fast on getting my first place alone? After all, my pay checks don't reveal a whole lot of money. When receiving my furniture I hopped all over that stuff, but when glancing over the actual apartment I locked it up as if it's just some storage space. How did you feel when you moved into a place by yourself? Have you ever had that experience? I need to know I'm not alone. 

There are more posts to come. I'm trying to make a record of this journey. 

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