Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Five Favorite Hobbies Of The Moment, Random Writing

Lately moving has been all that I can think of and it's getting stressful. I thought I'd love having an apartment all to myself, but so far it's getting on my nerves. This is mostly because there are issues and no one is moving fast enough to fix these issues. I'm impatient and also learning to create a whole new budget plan. Budgeting is even more stressful than stressing over the issues of a new apartment. So in the midst of it all I'm trying to continue some of the things that have been a huge part of me being happy. One is eating out once a week. Yes, I'm budgeting but there's something about sitting down in a restaurant, sliding on headphones, and eating some good food. Keep reading to find out more. 

  • Reading. For a while I stressed so much over work, men, and trying to have fun that I abandoned the books. Earlier this summer the passion for reading was reignited though. It started with a T.D. Jakes book and currently "Aftermath" by Tracy Brown has my attention. 

  • Driving. In the big city of Houston, driving around is a must. There is no walking to the corner store,walking to the nearby park, or hopping on a bike to go up the street. If you really want to go somewhere, you must drive and that's what I've been doing. I drive everywhere with my XM radio stations blasting some type of hood music. From my current location downtown is a 30-minute drive. North Houston is approximately an hour with traffic. Galveston is about two hours, but I haven't drive there by myself yet. However, one day I will drive to Galveston just to experience the city alone in my car. I can't explain it, but there's something freeing when getting behind the wheel and just going. 

  • Watching Ratchet Reality Shows. Millionaire Matchmaker What? I don't want to see rich people looking for homes on television, or even watch sisters fight and make up over and  over again. Nah, I love tuning into reality shows where people are better off financially than me, but way worse off mentally. MiMi, Stevie J's baby mama, thinks all men are cheaters. Joseline Hernandez was a stripper, has had over a 100 mugshots, and will gladly marry for money over love. Rasheeda and her husband has spent the last 12 years preparing themselves for a nice little underground career, but still haven't realized the music will never hit mainstream. Then K. Michelle appears on every episode with a new hairstyle. I can barely keep up, but the entertainment of it all forces me to pay attention. One day I need to quit television, but until then I'll continue to watch these people taint their reputations forever. 

  • Writing. Sometimes I let the stress and creativity build up in my head until it drives me insane. By insane I mean I do some spur of the moment action like sex a random guy who doesn't deserve it, get my hair cut again, or drink too much at some club. So I tried to avoid the build up of all the pressures by writing everything down. On this blog for the most part my journey has been documented and it feels good. Writing is more than a hobby though. It's my life and it makes me happy. 

There's more, but I'll end it here. Do you have hobbies that you just can't live without? Let me know what they are. 

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