Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Tamar And Vince" Show, Will You Watch?

Tamar and Vince Herbert have their own spin-off. In a short period of time Tamar Braxton has managed to become the most adored, annoying, and talented individual in the Braxton family. 

This title used to go to Toni Braxton, who had a countless amount of hit records in the 90's. Then there's Vince Herbert, who has been known as a very talented man for managing stars like Lady Gaga. He is also known as the man who has to deal with Tamar because he gave her a ring. After two full season of "The Braxton Family," WeTV is giving Tamar and Vince there own spin-off show. Watch the preview below. 

Will you watch the "Tamar and Vince" show? It premieres September 20th on WeTV at 10pm. Because I have this addiction to reality shows, I'll definitely tune in. 

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