Thursday, August 2, 2012

Very Short Story, Every Fuck I Can Accomplish

The following was written after my dad decided to randomly mention a conversation he had with someone yesterday. They were talking about the pressures of college and how most people don't do what they went to college for. This is also a follow-up from last week's short story Giving Him Every Fuck I Can Feel.

Giving you every fuck I can accomplish.

Offering you every single thing I’ve learned. Elementary education, there you go. Middle school education, giving all that I can remember. High school diploma, it has my name on it but it’s all yours. College degree, you can have it. Here there’s no American dream.

Giving you all my hard work. For so long I’ve been working hard. For so long I’ve wanted to please me, but you keep getting in the way. The major was all wrong. My talent is in the wrong area. The work did not come out right. My work ethics don’t fit your standard. I’m a dreamer determined to follow my heart, but you keep saying wake up and get with reality. Really is in a world controlled by you I can’t be myself.

Giving you all the credit. You control my life. You control it all. Whether it’s getting paychecks, finding housing, or putting the right clothes on my back, I can’t do it without any help. With each move I make you’re waiting around the corner ready to judge. The hair could be better. The outfit exposes too much. The make-up is just loud. I’m all wrong and if I don’t start getting it right, there goes that ultimatum.

Giving you every fuck that I can accomplish. I swim in a pool full of mistakes. When walking alone, nothing can go right. So every achievement, every new friend, every little dime I spend it’s all yours. And at the end of the day when I have nothing left it doesn’t matter. If I did, you’d take that too. 

I don't know what Rick Ross and Andre 3000's new song "Sixteen" has to do with what I just wrote, but it's my new favorite song. Actually there is a message in the song that talks to my heart. Anyway, listen below if you have not heard already.

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