Thursday, July 26, 2012

Short Story, Giving Him Every Fuck I Can Feel

I'm single, vulnerable, and my imagination has been running wild with ideas lately. So after writing a post about giving everyone every fuck that my mind, body, and soul contains I decided to narrow it down into several stories. The following story describes why I'd be led to have sex with a total stranger in a club and how it would play out.

Giving Him Every Fuck I Can Feel
I’m giving him every fuck I can feel. In the middle of the night in the midst of a packed club as our eyes meet all I can think about is being satisfied. It’s been a while. 

From the first crush which was also the first man that said “Not interested” I started building a wall. His rejection hurt me in a way that I could never describe. Not to my mom, not to the dad, and never to friends. I let the tears fall, but made sure only I could see them. So I sucked the pain up and learned to hold it within. 

I wanted to believe in love, but knew hurt came with it too. So I tried to pursue it while also protecting my feelings. I wanted passion but also wanted to give 0 fucks.

So after the guy fucked me and said he wasn't looking for a commitment I said “Fuck it.” 

Then a guy eased his way into my life through a class one of us was required to take, college love. To the outside world he was a good Christian man climbing the ladder of success and looking for a good future wife. Behind closed doors he had the perfect sexual chemistry. But throughout the time whenever our bond would start to get strong he would up and disappear, but to protect my feelings all I could do was say “fuck it.” 

With every guy that came into my life, made a trail of pain, and then left I convinced myself that I didn't give a fuck until one day I was left alone and lonely and craving the affection not giving a fuck had denied me. 

So during this night in the middle of the club as he stared at me with those sexy brown eyes and pressed his body against me so I could feel his hardness I decided to give him every fuck I could feel. 

We found a dark corner in the club, somewhere hidden by the crowd. As he picked me up my skirt lifted up, my legs wrapped around his waist, his pants sagging, my heart unprotected, and his penis unprotected, he fucked me and I responded with every emotion I had. 

Stay tuned for the next story about giving lots of fucks. 

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  1. Good enough that I gave fuck to read it... I'll be back