Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Happened to Good Morning Texts?

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This is an intellectual question, so think about it as you are reading. I've never received a good morning phone call. Never! However, I used to receive text messages in the morning from men. It was never just one man. It would always come from more than one. I hoped that one day it would thin out to that one special man texting me every morning or most mornings to show his love for me. In fact if he didn't text me then I would text him instead to keep the conversation going. That has never happened. In fact the texts from several men just stopped one day. They disappeared. What happened?

You're probably wondering why I never started where any of them left off. See, I've never been a huge text message conversation type of person. In fact I'm not even a morning person. However, I do love to talk on the phone. I'd be the girl that picked up the phone and called the man I wanted to speak to. A text is way more impersonal than hearing his voice. However, no matter who he was the man would more than likely not answer. It has always bothered me when a man didn't answer the phone.

I remember as a teenager trying to get in touch with my birth dad. Sometimes he would answer. When he did the conversations would last no more than two minutes. After that two minutes was up he would find a reason to rush off the phone. Now if he didn't answer I'd have to listen to ringing after ringing until the voice mail came on. Sometimes I would leave a message, but nothing was ever returned. He didn't see me as important enough to call back and see what I wanted. I never understood that, but when I realized I was following the same pattern with these men it had to stop.

So I stopped calling the men. Instead I started practicing the art of waiting by the phone. This led to the realization that a lot of men don't like to call. They like to text instead, so I waited for the text messages. When they came I would respond back and come up with ways to further the conversation. In the beginning a lot of these text messages would either come in the morning or very late at night. Everyone knows that morning texts are easier to respond to. However, sometimes I would get brave enough and text a man instead of waiting for a text message. Do you know that men treat text messages from women the same way they treat phone calls from women?
Whether a phone call or a text message it's always special when I receive one from a man. However, it's been a long minute since any have come. What happened to them? Did I get uglier? You don't have to see my face to text me. Did I become boring? That could be a possibility? Did all the men in the world that once knew me develop arthritis? Nah, they're too young still. I really want to know the answer to this question.

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