Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Reflections: Ratchet Songs Speak To Me

I started Sunday Reflections to reflect on the past, but the problem is I don't always want to talk about what happened long ago. So here is a current interest that keeps me entertained and out of trouble. My favorite song on the radio right now is Juicy J's "Bands Make Her Dance." The beat is hot, the lyrics are entertaining, and the words are slightly uplifting. 

"You say no to ratchet pussy. Juicy J can't."

"What's your real name and not your stripper name?"

I love ratchet songs. During the most stressful times they call to me and put me in a good zone. Ratchet songs make me feel like I'm the hottest stripper on the block, lame niggas are worth being around, I have a lot of money in the bank, and every nigga wants to fuck me. For real, these songs make me feel good. Plus they preach a lot of real shit.
An example of a ratchet song I currently love preaching real shit is Gangsta Boo and Zed Zilla's song "Nympho". The song Nympho is strictly about being crazy over money. It's about me, you, rich, and poor people everywhere feigning for money. This song describes everyone's feelings and it's motivational. Listen to this song and you'll be searching for a new job because money is the goal and we can only get it if we work hard for it. See, Nympho speaks to me. 

Another motivational ratchet song that speaks to me is Chief Keef's "I Don't Like". Lately there's been a lot to be angry about. Hell, it's been easy just to get on my nerves or stress me out. To top it off I'm single and spend my nights sleeping in a bed fit for two, but only has one. Plus to add to that I don't always fulfill my fun goals I put together for myself. So it all makes me angry and I need a way to let off steam. Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" is the perfect way to let that steam off. All I have to do is turn up the radio when it comes on or find it on youtube and when the beat starts I'm instantly motivated.

There are so many ratchet songs that I love. There's Meek Mill's "Amen." There is just about all of Cash Out's songs. Although Cash Out has a very monotone voice, his songs are still addictive and ratchet as hell. Then there is Beat King's "You Ain't Bout That Life." Wait, what kind of life is it talking about? That doesn't matter. The lyrics are hot and his voice is sexy. There are really too many songs to name, but my favorite of all ratchet song that puts me in a zone remains "Don't Cum In Me" by Erika Kayne and Ray Jr. Sex is good, but this nigga said "Them pills I done popped I can full all week." That line alone is the most ratchet thing ever and takes your mind off of every problem you've ever had in life. 

Basically these ratchet songs speak to me. They take my mind off of whatever real world problem I just encounter and drag me into a hood world. Men with dreads and gold teeth become okay. Throwing on hoochie dresses and short shorts to impress some man physically clouds my mind. Being called a ho and a Bitch is acceptable. Those words are being said in entertaining ways. Sharing a man is all good. Well wait, sharing a man is never good, but I can pretend during the five minutes one of those anthems comes on. This is one of my ways of fading from reality and I enjoy. Now excuse me while I blast "Bands Make Her Dance." 

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