Monday, July 9, 2012

Fantasia Says Fuck Your Opinions At 2012 Essence Music Festival

Okay, well Fantasia didn't exactly say "fuck your opinions," but she did make it clear that we all need to stay out of her business.

If you've been lost in space over the last couple years, Fantasia has not made many headlines for her beautiful singing voice. Instead the commotion has been about her affair with some man name Antwaun Cook. However, now Fantasia no longer wants Antwaun Cook to be a headline topic in her life. Her exact words at the Essence Festival are below.

"I'm doing me now and I don't care what the fuck you have to say. So put that on your twitter."-- Fantasia

I also heard that in true diva style, Fantasia kicked off her shoes as soon as she hopped on the stage. Then she persisted to sing her heart away. I see that she dressed up in a way that only a diva can. Or maybe that's one of those "You have to try it on to get it" type of outfits.

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