Saturday, July 21, 2012

Teyana Taylor Wears Blue Lipstick

Recently on more than one occasion Teyana Taylor stepped out wearing K'aior cosmetics blue lipstick.
Baby Bleu, $14.99

It looks good on her. I definitely want to try blue lipstick. Blue is my absolutely favorite color for the rest of my life. Plus I've been feeling brave for a while. It started last year when I went natural and cut off all my permed hair. Who really has time for all that transitioning? Then I started experimenting with color in my head. Wait, actually the timing is off. It started long ago when I decided to start wearing blue nail polish. Then loud eye shadow followed. Currently my nails are still blue and my hair is bright red. All that is left to feel this void is the blue lipstick. Well, maybe a man would work too, but the lipstick would be cool.

Kaior Doll, $17.99
I checked K'AOIR Cosmetics online. The Baby Bleu color they have is $14.99 Then there is the K'AOIR Doll, a different shade of blue, and it's $17.99. This stuff is expensive, but I'm going to make it  happen. Teyana Taylor is my role model for making it happen.

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  1. i really love both colors i need them both asap i been looking for along time for sum bleu lipstick that will pop so please help me get them hun....... thanx bigface