Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear 2012 BET Awards

Dear 2012 BET Awards,
I have to be at work in give/take 10 hrs so I'll make this fast. Dear my favorite awards show, thank you for not failing me. You started off with hood foolishness, which is what I look forward to.

Originally when seeing previews for the show you scared me with the idea of Samuel L. Jackson hosting. I thought Samuel would be boring and professional like Queen Latifah was last year. Instead Samuel surprised us with his rendition of "Niggas In Paris." BET Awards, make sure to let Samuel Jackson know to never rap again. That was the most entertaining and most horrible thing to hit television since Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Never ever have Samuel L. Jackson rap again. Oh, and don't pay Spike Lee to rap either. They're great actors.

Also thanks for bringing back classic black singers. That D'Angelo performance was the best. D'Angelo looked like he was fresh out of prison and needed sex bad. And if he would have been in front of me singing with those same vocal cords from years ago I would have given him that sex. Damn, that was a hot performance.

2012 BET Awards , you also put me in my emotional place. Half the awards show is honestly a blur and I just got through watching it. That Whitney Houston tribute is very memorable though. Monica and Brandy reminded us how great of an influence Whitney Houston was. However, Cissy Houston took us straight to church and made us feel as though Whitney was dying all over again. Even Soulja Boy broke down and cried like a 3 month old. There was also the Frankie Beverly and Maze tribute that took us back into a very musically emotional place. We (well me definitely) are reminded of what timeless music sounds like.

Thanks for letting fine black men be in their element on the stage. BET, you really let these men shine. Kevin Hart cracked a bunch of jokes, some of which were not funny. Samuel L. Jackson rapped and acted a fool and then disappeared for half the show (even though he was the host). Cash Out, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, and many other new artists graced the stage a few times. Jay Z and Kanye West shared a joke the whole world could laugh at. Tyrese and Joe did tributes to Fankie Beverly and Maze. Chris Brown did the same damn performance for the millionth time. And then there were more. I'm in male-thought heaven.

Definitely thank you 2012 BET Awards for humbling yourself. BET and Jay-Z showed up to the BET Awards after about six years of being absent. This year when they finally showed up again you humbled yourself. Well, you acted as if you were a star struck teenager and put the camera on them every five minutes. I counted. You didn't even stalk Kim Kardashian with the camera, but you humbled yourself to my level when it came to Jay-Z and Beyonce. Thank you for being human.

2012 BET Awards, thank you for ending foolishly. Apparently there was a person who voted for something 50,000 times. Damn, does she not have a job? Does she only sit in the house? Thank you for reminding us that there really are some true BET fans out there.

BET Awards, I've been tuning in every year since the first awards show. I remember it all and I look forward to more.

See you next year,
Lashuntrice AKA Mrs Star Status

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  1. I thought you were joking when you said you were a BET fan... then you stated who the host was from last year then I knew you were serious lollll. Damn Queen Latifah must have been bad I don't even remember her being the host, loll. Also lolll @ "Being a star struck teenager" great observation! lolll