Monday, July 16, 2012

Joseline Hernandez Is More Than The Strip Club And Music

Or at least we'd like to hope she sees herself as more. Joseline Hernandez is the most recent famous celebrity from a reality show. She is currently on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as the mistress to music producer Stevie J. Other than his mistress she's also supposed to be known as an up and coming Latino rapper. From watching the show we would think Joseline has no talent other than rapping and stripping, but I don't believe it.

Yes, Joseline has proved to be an artist with her music. We've heard whatever that Latino song is supposed to be played several times on the show so far. Although she's proved her artist status, we can also tell she can't dance. Hence, the last episode where Stevie J paid someone to teach Joseline how to shake her butt. That should be a given skill. We've also gotten accustomed to Joseline saying whatever comes to her mind. That's a true artistic skill.

Joseline has also proved to us that she can strip down naked. This one wasn't exactly on the show. After the very first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta people accused her of being a man. In retaliation to the accusations Joseline stripped down naked and had someone photograph her womanly parts. That act alone clearly shows where she comes from.

We also know that Joseline is afraid of going back to the strip club. Every time she gets in a confrontation with Stevie J or gets in the confessional she screams that she's not going back to the strip club. However, I think it's possible for her to give up music and still turn her back on the strip club. She has other talents.

Joseline Knows The Black Dialect Language
If she really wanted to succeed in life one way of doing it would be to become a teacher. She could excel in teaching people how to speak Black Dialect. Black Dialect, also known as African American Vernacular English, is a language commonly spoken in the south. This language is reminiscent of how slaves spoke and can still be heard by African Americans all over the world. An example of Black Dialect usage would be the Bernic Mac Show. However, if you've been watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta you already know what this particular language is. Many of the cast members speak it, but Joseline has it perfected the best.

A Model
Joseline is tall, skinny, and is willing to wear anything. Most models are the exact same way. If only she could learn to keep her mouth shut, she would fit right in on American's Next Top model or maybe blend it on Kanye West fashion line.

A Video Vixen
Again we know she can strip real easily. However, Joseline doesn't want to go back to that life. Instead she could cash in dancing in different people's videos. Video vixens don't have to really know how to dance. They just have to look pretty for the camera. This option would be if her music career doesn't work out, but she still wants to be in front of the camera.

That's all I can come up with for now. Clearly from her twitter Joseline doesn't want to pursue higher education. She likes her money fast. Do you have any ideas of what Joseline could do if her music career fails? She doesn't want to go back to the strip club.

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