Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Just A Girl #30in30

 I wrote this after listening to a song. It's titled "I'm Just A Girl," but really it's just some free-writing. Read, give me some feedback if you like, and the song is after the poem.

I'm just a girl
Tired and broken
Could never live up to other standards
Makeup too loud
Hair too wild
And when I finally speak up for myself
They just tune me out
Confused and misused
Too many friends have turned into enemies
Trying to fight back tears
Created by a world 
That act like they never knew
He called me beautiful
But then started dating her
And the next guy liked long haired girls
Too bad I cut it extra short
And then another one had too many insecurities
So he tried to blame me for everything
For 18 years they built a dream in me
The next five years they planted a seed in me
But then they stopped seeing the need in me
So many goals 
And yet I'm still never where I want to be
25 years young
But I'm starting to feel like an old soul
Add up the happy times
and multiply it by stressful days
Writing my heart out to go unnoticed
But hoping no one sees anyway
Because just like that one guy
I have my own insecurities
I'm just a girl
Tired and broken
And I don't know if I can take anymore 

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