Saturday, August 25, 2012

#30in30 Just When Thoughts of Love Hit

Everything is pretty good right now. I'm moving into my own place and have a job that will help me afford all that comes along with having your own home. The only problem is I'm definitely this crazy relationship in my head with thoughts of love. Yeah, we're in our own separate relationship because it's not a love of a certain man, or a potential man to love. It's just random thoughts of loving some man. It's also random thoughts of why I'm still single and some of the men in my past have went on to confess their love for other women. So, yeah I'm in a relationship with love. Recently the thoughts of love had hit a major high.

See, there's a man. He's cute and I'm slightly interested in getting to know him better. Actually I'm even interested in just taking up his time during moments of boredom. So lately I had been thinking of dropping the shy talks and just getting to the point. Getting to the point is an aggressive move and ultimately snatches some power away from him. So I was thinking about doing this and in the process asked a couple of people for advice.

In the midst of all this I've been making sure everything is prepared for my big move next weekend. Well, Friday to be exact I will be moving into my brand new place. Although this wasn't an original goal, I'm putting off moving to California for a few more years. Okay, California is where the thoughts of having my own place and the problem with thoughts of love intersected and became a problem.

I was talking to someone who asked if I was excited about my move. I am very excited. Then she through this into the atmosphere.

"I'm guessing that'll b your place, till u meet the right guy and ya'll decide 2 go for the plunge?"

Immediately I was thinking "Hell No" in my head. As much as I want a man and a family, it can't happen in that order. That is unless he is willing to drag himself and our child out to California, New York, and various other places. There are no plans to be still in the near future for me. Now see just when I was falling in love with the thought of having a man there someone had to toss that into the atmosphere. Men, kids, and settling down. Now I have to reevaluate it all again.

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