Friday, August 3, 2012

#30In30 I Need More People On My Team

There's a #30in30 challenge that involves writing a brand new post every single day. Whether it's one seconds or 500 words it'll count towards progress. Can I do it alone? Will this blog get any breaks?

I post on this blog almost everyday. Almost! There have been times where I've challenged myself to write every day, but after going a week strong, or two weeks tops, it was always a failure. Sometimes the quitting was out of laziness and then sometimes I just felt burnt out. When they're pressuring you to go after money, they never tell you that you can't make money and focus on your ambitions at the same time (unless you're Superwoman). However, that doesn't really matter. Lately I've been going strong.

Do I post everyday? I think so. In that last couple months the only days that have gone blank were Saturdays and sometimes Sunday. Those days will be getting posted on for the challenge though. This #30in30 challenge was brought to my attention late Wednesday night after posting my Thursday post. It was started by author Aliyah S. King and currently has a strong following.

I feel as if I'm babbling. If it wasn't for the challenge I would not have posted today. My mind is blank and for some reason my body is a tad bit tired. I need more people on my team. When I tweet a blog link to twitter, I need actual readers and retweeters. I need to know that there is a solid support ground for Lashuntrice Bradley.

I just started writing for Check it out if you get a chance. That website isn't what I mean by needing a team though. That's someone else's spot to shine. Lashuntrice Bradley needs you to actually support me by reading and route for me by telling others to come over and read. I can't do this alone.

Thank you to my friends who have always been there reading and giving me your feedback. For that it makes me feel as if you have been with me shooting in the gym.

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