Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Last Dream Before Dawn #30in30

"The Last Dream Before Dawn" just became my favorite book. I've learned a valuable lesson. Just because it says "Zane Presents" does not mean it'll be some sex filled novel. Nope David Valentine Bernard stayed as far away from sexual conquests as possible and dove into real  life issues among African American people. The images he painted in the book are still dancing around in my head. 

"The Last Dream Before Dawn."

After reading this novel I'm wondering what was on Trayvon Martin's mind right before he was killed by George Zimmerman. I'm also curious as to what was on Chavis Charter's mind when some cop shot him in the head while he was handcuffed in the back of the vehicle. Those Arkansas police think we are all dumb. They're the only ones that believe it was a suicide. He didn't even write with him right hand. How could he shoot himself in the head while his hands were tied behind his back with that hand? Nah, those police are only fooling themselves. Wait, I'm off subject. 

The reason those two fairly recent cases have been bought up is because of a scene in "The Last Dream Before Dawn." During this scene a teenager goes to the police department to clear his name as a criminal. He didn't even fit the description of the actual criminal. They just had the same name. On the way there his mind can only think of having sex with a cute classmate. In hopes of feeling himself inside of her he hurries to the police station. However, once there they have no respect for him. One specific cop persists to beat him for no reason. His mom is right behind him to defend his innocence, but the cop attacks her too. Then the cop pulls his gun out and shoots the mom and her son. He had no reason to do it, but because of his actions two African American lives were gone. Damn...

See this author D.V. Bernard has me caught up in deep thoughts. "The Last Dream Before Dawn" was just the beginning. I'm about to buy the rest of his books one by one for some good reading. 

P.S. I've read other books in recent weeks, but this was the first one that I felt strongly enough about to create a post on it. Plus I'm still doing this #30in30 challenge. 

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