Monday, August 27, 2012

Cassie Has Bags Full of Money, Rich People Sh*t

Model/singer Cassie recently celebrated her birthday. In the midst of celebrating she posed for a photo while holding bags of money. This wasn't the only money photo I recently saw.

 During a very awkward interview Childish Gambino tried to desperately get Chief Keef's attention by showing his photo where he posed with a stack of money. Chief Keef then showed his photo full of money and weed. It showed that they were both very rich, or seemed to be. But holding up stacks of money isn't the only way rich people have teased me lately.

Rihanna went on a three week cruise where she rented out a boat filled with only her crew of people. Also, on Oprha's Next Chapter she bought her mom a house. Shoot, I just put down rent on my first one bedroom apartment in the midst of the hood.

Wait, I could go on and on. The point is I wish I was like Cassie and some of these other rich people. They don't even worry about where their next dollar will go to. They don't worry about saving a dollar because they have too many more to replace it. I, on the other hand, continually struggle with money management, hoping it's all going to the right places, and having someone ready to take more of it away from me.

For instance my parents wanted to see my apartment, so I invited them over while I was surveying for any damages. In the midst of looking at my places, giving advice on what I still need to buy, and talking about how poor the complex looks my dad also tossed in that my car's registration (listed under his name) needs to be renewed as soon as possible. That means he wants me to pay him for it. Ugh, how much money is in my savings account again?

But I don't want to go through life worried about if I've saved enough. I want three week cruises like Rihanna. I even want three month explorations through Europe. I heard it has to be at least three months to get the full experience of being in Europe. I want to be able to buy myself a house before considering buying someone else a house. The best thing ever would be having a birthday where I had bags of money to do whatever I wanted. People like Rihanna and Cassie are lucky. They get to do all the rich people shit while a girl like me stresses because she didn't plan for paying $65 for a tag renewal on her car.

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