Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Newsweek Tells President Obama To Hit The Road #30in30

Do we need a new president or not? That's the official question because election season is in full effect.

We all knew this election season was coming, but I still didn't expect the arrival. With protests against Chik-Fil-A and a very well scripted reality show called Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I thought everyone had lost focus. Well, the energy is high in the air now and in the last couple days a lot of political drama has hit the news.

It started with Mitt Romney announcing Paul Ryan as his vice president candidate. In case you didn't know, Ryan is the Republican who wants to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid for future old people. As crazy as that news was, it was actually boring compared to the messiness that came next.

Somehow in the last 48 hours a big debate has sprouted up about legitimate rape. I'm not sure what the difference between regular rape and legitimate rape is, but I peeped some discussions on twitter. Apparently according to some Republican legitimate rape is when a woman's body does not react in a sexual manner to a man forcing his penis in her. Apparently to some of these men, we're supposed to build up resistant genes that stop it from happening. Anyway, the Republican's comments were deemed inappropriate and started an outrage among news watching American citizens. While watching the news a couple hours ago that same Republican apologized for his rape comments, but it doesn't change that fact that he thinks that way. Since these Republicans seemed to be digging their own graves, someone had to shine the light on our Democratic African American President.
Niall Ferguson, Read Article Here

"Hit The Road Barack" is in big white letters on the current issue of Newsweek Magazine. There is no sugar coating behind. However, there is a name in tiny letters of the author that wrote it. His name is Niall Ferguson and he think Barack Obama has not delivered on the promises he made four years ago. I honestly don't care what the article says. I'm just surprised someone in high areas of Newsweek approved that cover. There's nothing journalistic about that. It's makes Newsweek look more opinionated than Fox News.

Well dang, if they keep it up I'll stop watching Vh1. What do you think? Was that story appropriate for the cover page? Are you going to vote? Do you even care who becomes president for the next four years?

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