Sunday, August 12, 2012

Accidents Keep Happening, Sunday Reflections

Two days ago an accident happened and I didn't know how to act. Lately my world has been going good and four days ago I received very good news. It's that life-changing good news. I'm moving into my own place soon, but as good as it is this accident had to happen. It involved my car and another car on a five lane road.

Five lanes and my car has to end up in an accident with this other car? Could that have been prevented? I can't help but wonder if it could have. Two weeks ago I also locked my keys in the car at work. It was definitely not done on purpose. The door wasn't even all the way closed. A co-worker and the security guard worked together to get the window down so I could unlock my car door and get the keys out. Wait...

These accidents don't happen out of time. Sometimes I go weeks, or even months, with nothing bad or good happening. Life just passes me by. I go to work, come home, get driven crazy by family members, talk to friends over the phone, and disappear into a world of boring-ness. However, when shit happens it seems so big that it overshadows all the good and definitely the boring stuff.

The worse part of this experience is these accidents make me paranoid. They make me nervous as hell because once one happens, I know that there's a potential for others happening. Like this car incident happened two days ago, but what could happen next?

I'm sitting on the bed right now. If I decide to get off will it be an easy step to take or will I lose my balance and fall onto the floor? I might go back outside later. Will there be a swarm of mosquito's waiting to leave bites on my skin? What if in the next couple of months I meet the man of my dreams? Will we have a night of wonderful passion that leads to a baby? Ugh, now that's what people call a freak accident.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm just a paranoid person that really needs to learn how to concentrate on all the beauty around me instead of the bad. Now if another car incident, tripping over thin air, or even getting my heart broken happens, well it's just an accident. Nothing serious, right?

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